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Diagnosis: — The appearance of the urine is suggestive,

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the fascia is opened by a short transverse incision directed against the upper

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disease. This is particularly the case where only one eye is

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ment. They receive all calls and send the nearest ambulance or

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conclusion in at least 90 per cent of the cases he sees. There will

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ticable, however, the wife should endeavor to make herself prepossessing

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centers, besides contracting the rectum, etc., also coordinate the contrac-

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words, to maintain a due supply of the liquid by which nutrient

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ferences in the response of the glands according to the mechanical condi-

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of a strict quarantine disinfection, we cannot but feel that

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felt the force of this truth ; how often have we seen it

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the needle, and she screams with pain. Another patient, a

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in color, somewhat like a purple grape, and had a blistered appear-

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*No. 8. — Laboratory course in pathology and bacteriology. By M. J. Rosenau.

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be remembered that his training was not altogether bad although

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representations have usually met with as reasonable a

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tion in anemia ; but it should be just as easy to account for

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was reached, the child would open its mouth to cry, and

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to lessen the convulsive character of the cough within twenty -four

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no " recurring utterances " or articulate sounds of any kind. The in-

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tions were made the brain was certainly perturbed in

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picture than the manner in which the way was smoothed

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tracheal connective tissue. While the trachea is moving up and

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The operator, seated near the patient, within reach of reverser,

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