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about the orbit are quite common, both congenital and otherwise. I
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or yellow ochre, extremely foetid, and often sauguinolent. Others
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ment of aneurism of the great arterial trunks, and even of intra-tho-
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plan and the net assets available for those benefits as of the
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appreciation of the underlying pathologic lesions and diagnos-
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intense virulence. The best preventive for rabies wouM
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Lead-poisoning is vastly the most important Indus-"
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the life of the patient, on examination of the bodies after death, the
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of complaint when the number of inefficient vaccinations are taken
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tion of the very valuable and exhaustive paper by Dr. Mitchell in the
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Months Infant Neff. Schick Infant Pos. Schick Infant Pos. Schick Infant Neff. Schick
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for visits and medicine. The arbitrator disallowed the plain-
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{Path. 8oc. Trans., 1884). They are usually multiple, small,
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of that institution. Siie was then very noisy, violent, and obscene,
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the pedicle slips out of the ligature and the patient
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Association. In my early years in South Dakota, there
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■October was about ten times as great as that of the two previous
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the organ is easily separable into an anterior and a posterior lobe. The
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In his: Eesoc. d. op. eseg. ... in Clin. chir. in Firenze 8°
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in his power to establish what he believes to be the truth.
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pints a day and even more. It is extremely pale and watery, and
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I.a tievre typhoide dans I'armfie. Bull et mem. Soc. med.
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Dr. Heemax asked permission to second the resolution proposed by Sir
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blood with air, so that it becomes as saturated with O 2 as possible, in order that
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ZuR, Werth (1903). Archiv fiir SchifEs- u. Tropen-Hygiene, No. 1.
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rising on the forehead, which, in the space of half an hour, becomes
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145-152. Also: Lyon m6d..l897,lxxxvi, 290-290.— Thayer
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.trum. The transmutation of the more refrangible rays, ef-
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duoe disease; but as a rule the gaseous impurities of the air are offensive
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dst la March, July, and Nor ember of each year. For particulars address the Secretary:
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" Licet omnibus, licet ctiam iriihi, dignitaten , i ■ i i i' • i x-
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Wounds produced by the bite of an animal in which there is any
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strong plea for the education of the general public
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doubting only that which he could not understand. True
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tients feel they have received anything that has im-
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normal conditions this must be the case. If this arrest of
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typhus and relapsing fever that eventually spread to the whole country,
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ably a serious condition, because it compresses the collaterals and
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period; in fact a recession seems to be present, but
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Hunter, by his keener scientific discernment, had no difficulty
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never be certain of the existence of an infection without melansDmia,
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active syphilitic process in the immediate neighbourhood of the enlarged
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Crile upon anoci-association. The increased knowledge should lead
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son, M.D., CM., Pathologist to the Scottish Asylums, Edin-
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fluid which is alkaline, owing to the presence of potass and
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Ultzmann has been lecturing on the diseases, a part of which this book con-


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