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into the left knee-joint, by which it was much enlarged. The

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made them fast to the vaginal wall, and Vineberg thinks this

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puscles ; and as on the other hand the injection of

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unfair material advantage for themselves, but even sub-

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odoriferous travesties of humanity and oursehes, it is equally

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of data retrieval, cumulative and interpretive reports which are becoming

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follow each other in regular order. The functions of the nervous system

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when you remove such a coagulum, the flesh is found to be, like the

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31 years of age. When IG years old he noted that his right

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tion of the muscles of the leg carried away ; also that the popliteal

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membrane of the small intestine is finely injected, especially near the

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perfect rest ; the general febrile movement was also

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of the Pig Pen in Country Towns ; Water-Supplies and

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and on the other side by rigid bony wall, the difficulty

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of me, and to the astonishment of the parents, who felt a diffidence

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An irregular circle of redness, about nine inches wide in front and two

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ulcer, and near it a solid subcutaneous mass. There

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The affection develops and rans its course in general in

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from the pelvis, and filled with serous fluid, are not

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bacteria. The epithelium of the mucous membrane is absent

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ed treatment. Our readers will recollect the curious results obtained

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The deaths of the year have been tew and conlined to

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between the nutritive and the reproductive functions, it being

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furnished a channel along which the extruded matters could

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adult life we must forbid coffee, tea, lic^uors, undiluted wine, etc.

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as an epidemic, was of an Intermittent character : this extended te a

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berg relates this case: The mother contracted syphilis

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it will hardly be possible to find a method of treatment that will

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IV. Due to fungi of the genus Malas-\j^^ ^^.-^^ Castellani, Tinea flava.

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sex, will be a valuable asset should this book be within

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rise and sunset, will protect any family from fall epidemics ; and the same will be

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