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effective October 1, 1947, to old age assistance. The
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ing the year toward indexing dairy literature as proposed in the
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,■..„,„,, i„ ^vnrkint: on th. arm rent-rs on the hrain of the ehimpan/ee,
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meat caused more distress than other, foods. There was vomiting on only
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or only occasionally, with no cause like rabies to explain his frenzy,
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Discussion. — ^When the spleen is removed from the body there
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a. When the pancreas is apparently normal, as, for instance,
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and portion of a county shall be moved or allowed to move, except as provided for imme-
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1. Lbb, Fbederic S., Ouenther, A. E., and Melbnet, Henry E.:
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round cells, epithelioid cells and capillaries. Beyond this, a zone of
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subsequently. With the completion of the autopsy, again, any organ
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.jh,n- l,i.l-.-..uili'„'l.. |.:iiiil>>i>..rili.- I..«.'i' |..'rti..iiM.l' III-' .■|i"'-- I "'I'''
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soft, viscid pus. The omentum was extensively studded with small tubercles,
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in writing, to fairly value such animal In accordance with the requirements of this act,
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Benzedrine Sulfate — unlike thyroid — ordinarily, in the proper dosage, has
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fast bacilli on smears, concentrates, culture and guinea
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human food. Certificates of inspection were issued to the exporter,
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flushes and sweating. The patient experiences a heightened
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were filled with almost fluid, dark red material, the
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i;lileiise. and liow mileli I'ldiii the admiiiistereij - nli^taliee.*
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is no retraction of the hea^ but stiffness to all movements. There is no
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Thoroughly equipped for all the approved therapeutic measures. Insulin, metrazol and
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and belonging to it also come in for attention. The yards, pens,
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spection, after the microscopic inspection had been established in
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National Department of Agriculture, through its Bureau of Animal
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phonuclear leucocytes. This inflammatory process extends into the renal
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superintendent, assistant, and lay clerks. The physician requests per-
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ate of St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons,
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I'i'lls, \ I't it is iiiipnssilili' that \h\> r.iii In' an iiii|iiirtaiit iih'Miis in tin'
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Abstract. Vet rec., v. 15, no. 779, p. 784-786, Je. 13 ; no. 780. p. 800-
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above the vascular and pigmented choroid. The tubercle is limited to the latter.
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on the legs of Clydesdales is also an objection in the minds of some.
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of the kidney is lost. Collapsed or nearly collapsed tubules, lined with low
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l-'fi.m thi' nuniei-iiiis (ihsiT\ ,il imis th,-ii iia\c heen m.nle nii the chmils nl
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2. The breeding center must be under the control of a committee
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ture, ripening, and storage of American Cheddar style cheese, and
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