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In all severe cases of sciatica, in addition to the treatment of neuralgia

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peritoneum. There was a definite intestinal paralysis with coprostasis, chiefly

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and Ranvier aiflrm that the process Jiist invades the cortex, and the medullary portion suffers secondarily.

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for example, had occluded the artery without injury to the intima.

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inoculation, 2 to 3 cc. of a liver emulsion or of the pure culture con-

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sons in attendance upon them or residing in the same houses or

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slightly red; no swelling in the lymphatic glands of the neck; typical pigeon

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to the carbon dioxide test. Ether lowers the irritability of the

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after the publication of these results by Prof. Simpson, the subject

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])r. Patterson then presented the following Resolution:

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The finer histology of the changes observed in the spleens, has been

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ily nor to the same degree, and the action on tadpoles of feeding des-

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we should go back to the theory of descending infection from the

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in neuralgia it is slight at first and gradually exacerbates. Pain in cere-

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Symptoms. — The symptoms vary with its extent and the amount of the

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but then, the unnecessary element T must be suppressed. Practically'

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pal change is hyperplasia of the lymphatics. The inguinal, axilhiry, and

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