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in the , body, is immediately related to the stomach, performs a
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single, and hemorrhage may be a striking feature on examination of the
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appearance of red tubercles of variable size on the cutaneous surface of
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of blood beneath the skin, also appear, especially on the lower ex-
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worm which is now occupying the attention of German anatomists
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lic. They see their trade, but fail to recognize their profession."
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The intercostal spaces are wide and flat in emphysema, the
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points, and annihilate their natural Bensibility. We learn
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Not necessarily with paid secretaries in each small town but good
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tion whatever particular appliance or instrument he may be in
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in, for which purpose lime-water, oil, solutions of aloes, etc., have
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stances are removed, is likely to persist for a long period. All
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above Montreal. There has been pleasure to me also in
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But in order that these benefits may h9 certain to come if
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horses the pressure against the diaphragm may lead to
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to have no recollection that it ever followed child-
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was a question how they could support themselves. Now there are sev-
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dition, in which the infectious agent is indifferent; or, as it is now expressed,
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the appendix sixty-two times. The fact that the organisms injected
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an abscess of the spleen had caused an empyema of the left side,
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a variety of causes, including idiopatliic epilepsy, peripheral
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another sinus opens near the sacro-iliac synchondrosis.
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The contents of the intestines pass onwards in virtue of the
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This change appears to be confined to the dermal system, and has
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body, experimental infection by the digestive canal should
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Besides the essential lesions just described, we constantly
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siminies. Paris, 1869.-5. Bitouwald. Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med. 1872, Bd. x. p.
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animal- — a constant alteration and renewal of every part of it.
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heat, burning fands^ 2in& flinty roads mfummer^
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We all recognize that in future more attention must be paid
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nephritic connective tissue is excited by contusions. Sometimes

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