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indifference as to treatment, and to the state of the mind after
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» Vide Clinical Thermometry in Diphtheria. By Joseph G. Kichardson, M.D.
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pends, whether for its existence or perception, upon the pre-
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along with the elongation of the intermediate segment. In yoimg
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This greater duration, as compared with my cases, is probabl}^ owing to
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palpitation be removed, the heart returns to its healthy, regular
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satisfied without demonstrative proof of the presence of sugar. Of the
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enlarges sUghtly in the neighborhood of the pillar body. At the
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classifications. Still, for purposes of description it is convenient
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to and through the agency of the obturator septa. Primitively
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present year, three instances of amputation of the forearm in
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existence of a certain morbid state of the intestines in one case,
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gists have called typhus, typhus contagieux,fievre des armees,
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1 sagittal series through forebrain and nasal septum of kitten one day old, treated
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nature of the affection of the cord has not been ascertained, but, of course,
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' Vide American Journal of Medical Sciences, January, 1844.
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The first chapter is devoted to the solution of the question,
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What induces me to think that paralytic disease Gfte7i (for I
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ries which are immensely enlarged, which are thin and soft, and
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the third edition (issued in 1868), I was able to state, that "many cases
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and are not, therefore, peculiar to scurvy. Doubtless there exist other
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subdivide again ; and he was able to prove, that in some parts
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urine in the bladder from whatever cause, leads to destruction of the renal
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Amphioxus, we pass to Anunocoetes, Petromyzon, Bdellostoma,
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-*■ . Sxirgeon and Profesftor of Clinical Surgery to University College Hospital .
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Cory of techni-al terms is simply a sine qua non. In a
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recognize the odor of the rose, specifically, a given variety of
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latter rarely existing longer than 24 hours, and being the same as those
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evident that this is an instance of chemical combination; we
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of so-called gonorrhoea! rheumatism, to inflammation of the prostatic
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treatment alone, I have known the urine to be reduced to the normal
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action of this medicine by the use of mild vegetable diuretic drinks,
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prepared, at my request, by Dr. Thomas J. Moore, then one of the house

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