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While the training of this group of officers should
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velop than in those where the nervous system is not
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tissue; there is reduction of the stiffness and ad-
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and great expectoration, providing the condition is
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eruption of varioloid begins on the face, in a single
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when at 9 a. m. the os tincae was dilated to the size of a shil-
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of the lithiasis occurring in chronic enterocolitis,
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On the inner side of the hands and fingers, the epidermis was raised
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ments as a result of the pyloric insufificiency has
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ciation, and that this society confirms these instructions
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that large strips of muscle or fascia can be placed
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Some alterative doses of blue pill, in combination with morphia
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The vesicular murmur exhibits lessened intensity or
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C. I'hini]3s is chairman of the reception committee.
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the port of embarkation. For all ports north of the
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thumb which had been operated upon, equally well with that
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of the accident. If he can remove the morsel from its situation,
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ment is of too ridiculous a nature ever to be inflicted. In Ger-
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" The ore of copper," says Mr. Macdonald, (Asiat. Res. 417,) " is
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perature of 86° to 96° F. be administered for ten
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disease, and very often proves fatal ; it may arise from the accidental
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ing them through the paths of physics, chemistry, and biology,
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show pustules or vesicles containing turbid fluid ;
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there is no history of a sprain, the pain and sore-
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refreshing sleep, and awakes to a renewal of strong and regular
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ration and perspiration being undreamed of in his philosophy.
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stances, the subject of the following observations, which, I
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pressure, respiration, and excretion. Here they try

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