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viii + 198 pp., 1 1. [vii]-xiv + 211-476 pp., 342 figs. 12°. London. [W c .]
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that consumption is contagious. Cullen, Portal, Rush, may be
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and say: "What is the difference, nobody cares whether
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and its preparations are advisable, in the latter they should not
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that organ. In 1849 lt was discovered that the sugar in the
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Urquhart, F. M.. Passed Assistant Surgeon. — To proceed to
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required, the two entrances simply penetrating into the hill-
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quantity of spindle-shaped fibro-plastic fibres, scattered
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varnish is applied just before using, the laminaria may dilate a little, but, if
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of getting many of them to return, the resulting disorder and
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groups, haptophore and toxophore or zymotic. The toxophore group may
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soluble in water ; soluble in 95 per cent alcohol and in oils. Use and
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which, we are glad to say, are the productions of Irish
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their parent source. In each of these secreted liquors
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through which the rejected liquid flows. There are large
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Anatomical and physiological data are included wherever
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whitish-grey or ash-coloured exudation with dark points, and a
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propagates itself to the excito-motor or sensory ele-
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the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. She was forty years of age, of short stature,
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The child is then put in such a position that its legs straddle the
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inflates its entire thickness, it is still contained in natural
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excited by his loathsome condition in the ladies of the
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The total number of those not cured is 18. Incurable is not
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foreboding in our house. All hope was gone. The doctor came
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water supply is suitable for the purpose. All irrigat
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Record of the Case. — The patient was a Patchen colt, aged four
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vation, if not their personal experience, taught them that such socie-
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reaching a stage of viability if gestation be allowed to con-
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greater part of the year. Dr. Mullin, of Hamilton, who was
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