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not resolve the issue of what constitutes death. The deci-

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cases of internal suppuration, acute and chronic, without

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been difficult to detect that there had ever been any deformity,

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Referrals of this kind were no longer sent to the Martland

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swelling of the leg was due largely to oedema of the superficial

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tibia were much enlarged, and osteophytic growths projected

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other manufacturers, and also took immediate steps to alert

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tasks — to his performance; how he actually behaves on the

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former experiment were diluted with a small quantity of a

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tional Academy of Sciences — National Research Coun-

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producing serious disease, in some instances resulting in

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coagulnm. (1) Add j, smalF quantity of 0-85 S.S.S. (5) Heat again

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staff by teaching them practicalities and learning the new

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where his reception was most cordial and flattering.

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Goodkind, M.D., who has contributed to several of our previous covers. The

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that we have of glands in other parts of the body separating

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midis infectious endocarditis, nine of which were not related

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Further, the Board has sponsored and supported two sepa-

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It commonly is believed that therapy with anti-hyper-

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ounce of castor oil, well-shaken with mucilage of gum acacia. The dose

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arthralgia and bisoprolol

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end of the femur, the upper end of the tibia, and the patella,

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downwards to the umbilicus and the anterior superior spine of

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6. Ellenberg M, Rifkin H: Diabetes Mellitus: Theory and Practice.

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^^■ihe neck of the animal, where it commonly opens into the

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chemotherapeutic cure or control of cancer can reverse the

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Jaundice Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis Influenza Dengue Plague Diph-

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skin on the radial border of the hand ; the third metacarpal

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harboured S. sugens with a few S. trilineata. In November a large

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the Medical Society of New Jersey by December- 1 of a

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properties of serum. M. WurtzJ gives an account of a mode of pre-

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stood at 67°, I bled a man who had laboured under a phthisis

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{Specially reported for flu Afar)'/,: n ./ Afcdical Journal).

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taken from other publications must give credit to the source;

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cerebral brain temperature requires a craniotomy, while

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ficial reflexes were natural. The muscles contracted easily

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as a support to the displaced fragment may be an instance of

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hospital with pain in the left hypochondrium and increased

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them. It is of course v^^ell known that in the case of serous

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