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babies go on into a condition known as "decomposition" or "marasmus"
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us we should examine the urine for traces of arsenic by such a method,
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borne in mind. Malignant disease is more likely to be limited to one side
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is pain, swelling, a haematoma of greater or less extent, and laceration
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Lcmnius {Lib. II. de occult. Nat. Mirac. cap. 10. ) fays,-
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the stomach, but is held some distance down the oesophagus. On
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of it are not inferior to our filks, and full as gloffy i
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central vision practically obliterated. If one waits till the patient com-
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anterior lies underneath the ribs, and is entirely covered by peritoneum,
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One of the signs of improvement in the febrile patient is when the dry
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In many cases, however, artificial feeding is a necessity. If it be
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is now kept are generally lined with lead, becaufe it is
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heart, yearning more over her little daughters than herself, was
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temporary paralyses may supervene. The soporose condition becomes more
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it may be the only clue to a diagnosis. It is often very acute, and
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the tissues of plants or animals, and which are capable, like alkalies,
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show great intolerance in respect of them. The antiseptic remedies so
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ary, this hospital six or eight miles to the rear becomes a sta-
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sometimes beneficial to treat the suppurating follicles individually with
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sugar excretion continues when the diet is free from carbohydrates, and
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takes to his bed. On examination, the throat may be found in varying
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fa a is believed to be identical with T. marina of the rat,
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Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus. As regards the kind of meat that has caused
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the bronchial glands is more common than tuberculosis of the mesenteric,
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had lieen oV(>rseas and I'l'.") were cam]) east's.
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way along the bile ducts, or intestinal canal, finally penetrating the
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were then made thoroughly fenfible of it's good ef-
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Several other facts of possible clinical interest have come to light as
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much pharyngeal and post-nasal inflammation, with some degree of deaf-
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therefore from the bile, for some time, although microscopic examination
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climate there will be an excefs of fire, and in a cold one there
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peritonitis. A number of authorities, however, do not differentiate between
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become stercoraceous, but this is not so common as in other forms of
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fluid, an exploratory puncture should be made. Influenza is another
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established ; massage and muscular movements increase the flow of lymph
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to harnefs him, though no creature turns up the earth

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