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of the existence of diabetes; these will be mentioned later. In order to make
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^ome Jt\ :n]5 mrorma.ion may be vague cp" you ;ind need furtne- exrlanat^o*
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There are, however, quite a comprehensive group of paralyses which we
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cation requirements - may be added while the cheese ^ UAinq made% ; C
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conduct, a general passive state in which the patient is indisposed to make
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siders himself enormously rich, he owns thousands of palaces, millions of
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£2 4s.; Practical Anatomy, including Anatomical DemonstrationBy
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paralysis may follow acute infectious diseases, especially typhoid fever, where
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The form of the disturbances of sensibility varies extremely, and no dis-
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have recurrent mania, with maniacal attacks recurring regularly, or recurrent
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A. D. Thomson Medical Fund is awarded for geni to-urinary surgery. The annual in-
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We may also try warm poultices, washing out the stomach, belladonna, chloral,
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But students who are graduates in Arts are allowed to ta.ke the
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take the doctor's oath and receive the diploma. The fee for the oral
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sistent nausea, and sometimes by obstinate headache. All these symptoms are
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most often tested, but they are by no means the only reflexes in the lower
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unlimited, 12i guineas. Practical Physiology— One session, 7 gnineas.
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the brain, we have repeatedly emphasized the great significance of arterio-
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A total of 1 Mj. in Ophthalmology is required for graduation.
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The James Nelson Raymond Scholarships, established by Mrs. Anna Louise Ray-
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storage conditions, the Quality cap only change In one d1rtctf<^ - dowmrtifC —
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the cases at least the disease is closely related to migraine (q. v.), and forms
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tion, that certain other diseases not usually regarded as hemorrhagic are
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the only symptoms of which the patient complains, two objective symptoms
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. (c) complete buytr*sener underst^lng as to terms and conditions of contract - placinq
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hours. 1.5Mj. Limited to 20. Taken in combination with similar course in the Depart-
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Candidates wishing to enter for the License in Medicine and Bwrgery
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acromegaly. Treatment has thus far proved unavailing. — K.]
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strengthened or its energy developed; its imagination is unsuitably and ex-
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obtaining rooms, a sum of money is deposited with the Registrar of
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search in the Department of Medicine. These fellowships, which as a rule provide a
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(4) What Is the difference betv^n natural and process cheese? •
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pepsia/' Colicky pains, obstinate constipation, occasional diarrhea, and sim-


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