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vision of the chief of the resident service, and subject to
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and thiamin are also greatly increased during the post burn
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and of Clinical Med. in Unit}, of Pa. Coll. Pharmacy, Secy, to the. American
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to swallow, or speak, or move a limb; the bed or the floor being
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A rare, but still more extraordinary bodily state is that of
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and canula should be introduced midway between the um-
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but for the purpose of transillumining the laryngeal region
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30. Tissieres A, Mitchell HK, Tracy UM: Protein synthesis in salivary
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rhythmical, and affect chiefly the muscles of the pelvis (libidinous hysteria).
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" Dilatation of the Bronchial Tubes" — In addition to the
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Johns Plopkins University, ever a leader in scientific progress,
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a primary pleurisy is by no means rare. Kundrat, on the basis of
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woman), and myocardial infarct (a 35-year-old morbidly
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agencies, and house-staff physicians. Rates were also calcu-
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the mediastinum is by no means common, and as the metastatic growths
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On the Principles and Practice orSurgery --..-..-By Db. Otis.
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was nearly as numerous as during th(^ raging of the cholera in
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these there should be private institutions in which dis-
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and was slightly cyanotic ; pulse 72. On examining the abdomen,
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ary 1943 to 30 June 1944). Headquarters Ferrying Di-
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pendages, the presence of so small a quantity of blood with-
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urine was much decreased, although it had not disappeared
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enquiring among their jfriends all that we have been able to learn is
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can be readily recognized upon palpation. Its edges are thick and rounded
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material injected in one case of sarcoma should stop
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to call at the lady's house expecting to hear that she was dead. To my
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cough and efforts at expulsion. The catarrhal process may extend to the
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Fatty stools result from the ingestion of large quantities of
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ered only at the autopsy, which could not be located or

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