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peated, if necessary, once or twice during the day. This preparation loses,
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2ist, when she was taken with a severe colicky pain. I
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however, he is confronted with clear x-rays showing normal
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phthisis must be the exception, and a fatal termina-
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able haemorrhage had taken place into the abdomen, and on
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great degree of confidence is very considerable, and that in these cases I could
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Men. Baokcrt and alliljsves ia< ohimrAd thlt glorl.
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of inflammM(bn remain the practica^Vsts of inflammation.
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proper time, terminates the congestion by renewed nutritive
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the body become colorless, muscular power in a very short time lost,
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the OS calcis and cuboid bone, or within the os calcis,
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modem time are only repetitions of things that were in vogue long,
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stated that he was the first person who ever profoundly
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panosomes. The question naturally arises as to what relation
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of course briefly, set fortii, and our author concludes that,
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with an exclusively milk diet, is an invaluable remedy.
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form have so lost their inherent strength or have been
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points, forming septa or partitions, more or less complete. In many persons,
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produced by inflammation or congestion of the womb is unquestionable.
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There can be no doubt of the correctness of hia statement, that a mature child,*
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being primarily affected ; the active destruction of corpuscles
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this granular or parenchymatous degeneration as closely allied to latty
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in mass, it consolidates ; but the longer the pregnancy, presumably the
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largely made use of as its value merits. Gentle, firm, and gradually
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. employment of the measures on which the chief reliance is to be placed.
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depends is, in mo^t cases, hjemorihage occurring under the dura mater,
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tous redness of the skin, as if a deep abscess of the parts existed.
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deposition of pus may not be so too ; the tissue is already solidified.
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in general it is difficult. Cough rarely occurs, and
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1875, and granted leave of absence for six months on sur-
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rectum, with incontinence of feces and intestinal gases. Prolapsus of
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Terms. — Tickets to a full Course of Lectures (until graduation),
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thick bundles made up of many laterally agglomerated
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Case CCLXXXIII.* — James Derniot, ret 21, railway labourer — admitted May 27th
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the scar, which can be easily seen, measures six thirty-
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sented gives entire satisfaction to one viewing the suli-
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the length of interval between the visitations. It prevailed equally in warm
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tively few localities. This remark respecting the eccentric and
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sion after the operation, and it was necessary to restrain
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time, and examined with the greatest care. Its structure histologically

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