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Attention should be drawn, however, to Case 3 in Section B. of a

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The specimen was found in a ditch of stagnant water;

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Misce. Signa. A teaspoonful for a dose, with water, pro re

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Dansk, Hummel, Arzberg, Lalique, Rosenthal, Quimper

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1892, but without data; probably collected late in June, near Elk

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And, lastly, they are vicious in numbery when a man hath

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•6 1 8 Westland, A. The wife and mother. Lond. 1902.

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tLat no energedc treAtment be aclopted doling ihB ptroxyiDM, Dot ty«i in the eonYulsiTe inter-

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pedunculated form when traction is made with a vulsella.

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The physicians who are administering the product are well satisfied with the

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glands causing clubbed fingers is quite plausible, and I hope it will be

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end of three months, she was discharged, cured of the anasarca; but

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irritability of tissues, and in clinical medicine he

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of the wound will be less even ; muscles will be separated from

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research training either in the basic medical sciences or

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loss of the sense of position in the right arm. He is of opinion that

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spinal, but are exclusively supplied by the great sympathetic. Of

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in all kinds of chest affections, but when it is pro-

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passes through Antigonish, and on to Sydney, Cape Breton, thence to

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the cerebrum. Solly opposes the theories of Hitzig and Ferrier

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this did not happen in either case, it has happened

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metric method irregularities that might be caused by variable amounts

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to make familiar some forms of nervous disease which are to many as

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jirovide for the lodging and tenii)orary care of th«; in-

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now making to conceal or forget them, render it necessary, or at

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the blood collection is completely closed off on all sides.

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to become foul from concealment of the discharges where they

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The exudate begins with the deposit of small grayish

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