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members of the Council — it need not be one from each province, it may be only five out of
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want to persuade the layman that there is nothing he
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supper-table, each with an ample allowance of wine, and
coronary artery disease, the higher the risk of developing myocardial infarction, regardless
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to exhaust the little patient. In the second place, the
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cal knowledge. The tracing of difflerent substances, purposely introduced ^
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right side, and great diflSculty of breathing. On the fol-
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new drug given over prolonged periods, laboratory parameters should
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D., Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence in Transylvania
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bacteremia attributable to dental and surgical proce-
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To obtain more information on eligibility, salary, and fringe benefits
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or reservations, call 800-845-2475 (in SC 800-922-2401)
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and extends 1,055 feet. It is crowned with a magnifi-
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given us one of the best re- Dublin at 912/275-0183, or
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From the speedy and complete success attending the very simple mode of
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again brought her to me for an opinion as to the nature
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men, growing out of the work of the former, has closed, and we trust
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5. Usage in or Immediately Preceding Pregnancy , Birth Defects in Offspring, and Malig-
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The Examiner will still continue to receive the able assistance which its
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directed at those persons considered to be at highest
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and disease processes are stressed, and students are
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mately 2 of 100 patients. Cardiac failure, hypotension, and rhythm/conduction disturbances

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