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the absorbing surface, that is, by the length of the intestinal
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are to be commended for their enlightened action in this direc-
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ience expressed therein and its noble diction inspired us both and
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the symptoms but does tend to prolong them. The matter of
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The fate of saccharin in the body : From 75 to 90 per cent
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Athens County Medical Society: At the meeting held Tuesday,
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sometimci been successfii' but it is impassible to locate the grubs
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the heap will tend to liberate the elements of fertility in the sawdust
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to spermatogenesis and internal secretion, becomes important in
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believe that the paper in question has admitted that the story-
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when it has little effect on the general circulation. The
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patient was a young woman of slight build, lying on her left side
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strangulated area was no larger than an ordinary lead pencil,
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dence of abdominal pain, anorexia and vomiting and indeterminate ner-
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examination, and it may recognize one school without recognizing
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from which there results a disturbance of the physiological
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sac, extending to within one inch of the anus. There was no
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State governments, in the presence of a demand for the regular exercise
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These programs are acceptable for the highest levels of
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for the reason that unless your patient will agree, and abide by
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G. W. Crile, M. D. J. P. Sawyer, M. D. H. S. Upson, M. D.
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latter leads to complete clinical recovery. The antitoxin, how-
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aids, works for and with them, and calls the specialist for
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«»-«.nd it t. th*^HrtUr« jS^ilfJi "-wrongly „.
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is an area of atrophy way out and slightly up from the disc ; it is
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instance; and for this reason salvarsan will be accepted. Never-
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Acute Rheumatism: The Critic and Guide for February states that in
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a beneficial effect on pericarditis from the use of the salicylates, he is
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diameter. On section, these areas are found to be confined to the extreme
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had anticipated, leaving little time for his own writ-
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United States, that is those so pronouncedly feeble-minded
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same as those for salvarsan. The average single dose for man is 0.75
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most efficient. To get the best effect from bismuth, some anodyne should
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of milk is checked, the animal is uneasy, and frequently emits a
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enlarged uterus could be a contributing factor. This
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For the sociological control of dispensaries and hospitals
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its area of distribution without communicating with branches of
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legislation that will give optometrists a license to
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Formulary, he cannot well get along without "New and Non-
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sufficiently characteristic so that an accurate diag-
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not be greatly reduced by such a plant; and that the occasional
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VI, Protection of Passengers. VII, Hygiene of Food and Water Supplies
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