Furacin For Animals

ation and exfoliation, of the superficial epithelium. The mesenteric

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pain and tenesmus may be comparatively slight. The opacity of the

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bus, portions of which become detached and are carried along the course

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manner, the practitioner's suspicions should be aroused. Not rarely

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stances it is concurrent with marked depression of the temperature. In

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that public as well as private safety depends upon individual prudence,

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of an inch in diameter and six or seven inches long, with a pin-hole made

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of apoplexy. In advanced cases of poisoning by carbolic and prussic

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The spreading of a peritonitis is indicated by the persistence or in-

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Most important of the malpositions of the stomach is gastroptosis, the

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arsenic are certainly worthy of trial. The arsenic-eaters of the Styrian

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opinion calomel should be administered. It acts as a laxative, and also,

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18 attached a metallic side-piece (2) four or five inches in length, and

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monary pleurae, at times so firm that in the removal of the lung the

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greatest difficulty by means of the cold bath. The early development

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perature be 103 F. Intestinal hemorrhage and peritonitis are, on the

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The irritant invades the liver through the bile-ducts in cases of sup-

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Diseases of the Nose Epistaxis Rhinitis Autumnal Catarrh Diseases of

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esis and classified as oxaluria. As has been stated concerning lithsemia,

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may be essential to remove the patient out of the malarious district in

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the stone and throwing it into the ureter. If the calculus be uric acid,

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the surfaces, so as to prevent quick union between the lips of the

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It is also to be remembered that, especially after the first week, patients

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crania. Apoplectiform attacks, epilepsy, acute mania, amblyopia, and

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from the wall of the intestine. They are either homogeneous or con-

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Calabar bean, potassium bromide, chloral, ergot, and various medicines

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especially deleterious when there is chronic gastric catarrh or atony of

furacin for animals

liver in contradistinction to the benignant tumors of this organ. The

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