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opposite sex. In the majority of cases of chronic gonorrhoea it is almost
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results in the parathyroids in three cases of infantile tetany, without other
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food ,n the oriran. The hioh..,. and variahle pressnre in the pvlorie
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sliii-tioii oceriis in the hepatic arteries, the eoiim'stion of the coinifclivc
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rhythmic alternations of contraction and relaxation. This tonus is lu'vci
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the use of adrenal preparations subcutaneously. There is an error regarding
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kidney. In fact, the amyloid kidney with its manifestations is often so much
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urination, or in the amount or naked-eye appearances of the urine, the urine
patient is sittinir up «v lyin^r ,|(iwn while the im-asuremeiit is heiiij; ma<lr
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plex into the following groups: (1) Paramyoclonus multiplex of Fried-
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I l,v „l,s,.,viii.4- 111., tl.iu fn.n. .lay 1.. .lay. if it v, nains uiu'lian-.'.!,
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made: (1) Primary chronic interstitial nephritis; (2) secondary chronic
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ment of the glands of the neck was noted 36 times, and in tne present series
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iiictalMilisiii, and is c\crctcc| in a LMscmis cmiditiiin liy tlic Iiiiiirs. Varia
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Tlio fi'catiniiu' is one of tlif last of the nriiiaiy coiistiUK'nts to ai-i'iiiiiii-
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r !ic tissue, the clamp must be api)lied to the vein for oidy th- briefest
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the ori'.'inal ratio »-,,,, i> auain attaiind in the hi I, and < 'n is
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it may also be noted at times when the severer uraemic symptoms seem
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■ lilicr t•^ll■|li^lll■ll l.\ tllC pilllnr lit' till' stmi-ki'il lUllirlll illlil til"' iil.lii'lltlnlis
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air runs api)rn\iniately parallel with the increase in the ('„ of the Idond.
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■-liiiis; the "a c" iiitei\al is normal, ainl liie railial ]iulsc \cr\' slow Init


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