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such necromancy, I should certainly withhold my hand

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debris, the young worms finally migrate into the adja-

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contain such a fine combination of vegetable acids, extractive sub-

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to do likewise. The real question, which must be discussed with

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swept his ward clean, Init has smothered us in the dust.

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passing a Hanks bougie. Forcible rapid dilatation was done, a

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tone originally present, were taken from Table I. The value for E

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a task beset with dangers, and, as must happen, a gap is every

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the perforated stomach and the neighbouring organs: usually,

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rains, when the temperature is high ; and in parts where the sur-

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represent a case of cancer, we can see clearly that the

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were due to the pressure of the subjacent mass, with

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the hand to the head, with general dulness, or peevishness. In

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short and erect ; achenes short villous ; pappus of thin acuminate

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Stagira, where he was born), that he often declared he was

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into pills, and taken persistently, has cured chorea.

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tacked with fever, contracted by exposure, night work,

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the prejudices of his time, with regard to the origin of dis-

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aside the task thus devolving upon me, feeling as I do very

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years without any observed transmission of the malady

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An interesting report is that of E. B. Vedder and W. B. Borden,**

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during, or after the crime, no one seems to have had any

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and no one principle of surgery had been better set-

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we examine the disease to which they must he assigned.

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one of his attendants (§312) told him that he had a

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My reason for not constricting the cervix beforehand with the

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diplomacy either in his profession or in public affairs. Early

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much conjunctival secretion, as in the cases of abscesses secondary to

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7. A serious exacerbation of the symptoms in any form of

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from the preserved specimen. The picture (fig. 14) shows also that

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