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complications of smallpox. In many cases they are so extensive as to form

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of it on my drawers over the knee for two or three days I

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gripes -, but the vomiting continued. On the eighth

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1. The ultimate cause of the greater number of deaths during the first

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Buckingham, E. N. Taenia saginata removed by pelletierine. 377.

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its purpose the education of the community to the idea and the

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still greater progress in contemplation. Y^'ou have been in sight of

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ment occupies but a small portion of the cell, in the form of isolated granula-

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and brain exhibited illustrate how epilepsy and insan-

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and not improbably, ultimately discover much that might be turned

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nium. This condition of the lymph circulation as oc-

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Abundant near Laramie and probably in many other localities.

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the erection of sanatoriums, providing one-fifth of the cost (up to

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Constitution itself, as you interpret it merely, be secondary. Whatever the author-

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as follows: " In pbirimis aliia morbis a miasmaie or-

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the patrons of the houses of ill-fame suffer in this respect, is more

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oz., boiling distilled water, 1 pint. Macerate for 2

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slightly dull, and sub-crepitant rattles were heard over it. Alto-

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mothers are too prone to turn off their infants to the care of

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ciety, and was, at the time of his death. Consulting

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even a deep puncture produced no pain at all. Seiisi

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tient should be recorded under the same couditions at

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I sexually transmitted disease clinics in California. West J Med 1 993 Jan; 1 58:40-43)

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two groups. The first includes the affections of the respiratory

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confidence, and the method is specially applicable to snch a

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aqueous and transparent liquid; still later, a vesicle

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J. R. Waggener, surgeon, ordered to the " Glacier " for duty

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with Dr. Seguin. He was of the opinion that tin: ease

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rapid prostration and collapse, with feeble and failing

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ports on request. Write to the 0. W. Carnrick Co., 21

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In the VrtJJschr. f. gerichtl. Med., Berlin, 1904, Heft 4, Wach-

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