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nosis was doubtful, or the notes of which were incomplete. I have, there-

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rectum, then into the vagina, rarely into the bladder.

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stated definitely that there was vascular granulation tissue, but no

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ten hours. Consequently, the antitoxic serum renders the leucocytes less

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ing, and to twist the ligature on the large vessel, so as to re-

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F. Doege Medical Center, 512 St. Joseph Ave., Marshfield,

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or more 3'ears of age. If milk is used as food, but comes solely from

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by organs like the liver and consequent elimination. Peo-

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On the Treatment of Hay-Fevek and Allied Disorders. By Har-

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thoughtful expression. She rose to receive me, and it was not

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it preclude the possibility of there being an underlying perversion of

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the pupils dilate but very soon contract again. Dr. Rey-

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Many different sedative agents are capable of produ-

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rently traced to the absorption of matters secreted in

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connective tissue with the formation of a pigmented scar

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disseminated sclerosis. The disease with which it is most likely to be

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and other disordered nervous phenomena, as in delirium tremens.

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cases. The treatment of poisoning consists in evacuation of

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so violent as to resemble those of entrance of air into veins.

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was the fact; and, in regard to the march of the insect, we can

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made by Dr. Henry Hartshorne, and, we need hardly remark,

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in death, and yet few seem to realize that the same result can

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non-antigenic. Casein, in the course of its peptic hydrolysis, pro-

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tamento di quest' osso, dello scafoide, di ll' astiaiialo, del 3"

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the insanities we may exclude the very chronic and incura-

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Mrs. H. first came under my observation November 5, 1899. When

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the tongue in the region of the foramen caecum, which histologically is

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ment by vaccines and sera, the former had been found disap-

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24 hours of such treatment a reddened and inflamed surface will be

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import, occurs usually in children from 5 to 12 years of age, although

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fenestra in plaster-of-Paris bandages for compound fract-

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return, the idea of an imperi'ling illn(;ss may Ik; ;drnosf, ;d):i,ndoned. In other

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