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occurs. In the early stage the serosa of the small bowel is congested,
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away from the only necessities of medicine. To show that 1 have
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three Health Associations preserved their identity and held three
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blister which forms is filled with air and bursts with a cracking
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The duration of the sheet bath is a matter for the most careful discrimi-
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effort than before the plunge or splashing is, of course, hardly to be
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Daniels ; temperature ranging from 103° to 105°, pulse from 120 to 150 ; delirious,
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Irrigation with cold water is dangerous when prolonged. Low irriga-
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eye. In most operations it has taken the place of general
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diet for gout; it is diet for the individual. Sydenham first
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away from home to water-cure establishments in which water is any-
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was usually removed within the first forty-eight hours, and
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there is great pain, add a grain or two of svapnia or a modi-
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actual status typhoidus disappeared permanently on the second or
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nurses who have not had hospital training, but, nevertheless, do
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and experience of many physicians that the modern, intravenous
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examinations of the urine. Dr. Churchill, of Chicago, among
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long. Pulmonary tuberculosis may, however, arise in chests of appa-
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from such rulers, God protect us from such influences, and '
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Magens, " Miinchener niedicinische Wochenschrift, No. 43, 1895.
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These and other investigators have also shown that the evaporation
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comfort of the patient the stiimj> is often propped up u])on a pil-
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activities. Students perform a variety of vital functions in and around
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ter are too often condemned to exile from home and friends, when the
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remembered. William Camac, M.D., did a great work in this
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the finest apples and pears of the world, and ship them to
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to 85° F., which should be actively set in motion by the hands of the
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or practical surgery. There were also dispensary clinics held
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ing to Senator, affords a latitude of 8° to 10° C. for regulating tem-
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observed during the past seven years in the Hydriatric Institute, when
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Confirmatory evidence of the value of this simple hydriatric measure
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The chief enemies to the chestnut are the larvae of the

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