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Mr. Steven — Embolism of the Middle Cerebral Artery. 251
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Have a thick bottomed frying-pan, with plenty of lard or
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tinal canal or bladder. On a future occasion, I shall have to tell you
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turbance, discharge from eyes and nose, prostration, moaning and
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which is thickened into a minute cap at the small pole. There is no
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In making butter remember that it is all important to
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all muscles these fibres act to put strong backward ten-
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better suggestion in so few words. Candor, however,
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information about the cases than is given in the works from which they
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being abused. In France such disastrous results ensued that in a
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divided, by passing beneath them very fine Chinese silk or catgut threaded
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Ovariotomy in a Patient aged Eighty ttvo years and four
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churn it. Where new-milk cheese is made daily, whey-butter
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panying discomfort may be the sole symptom present. More commonly
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had improved, and a souglit-for word would now often
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rib. The posterior surface rests upon the diaphragm at the side of
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concerning the result of the vote of the New York meeting,
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acres, varying in depth from four to seven feet. The
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The recommended starting dosage for Calan SR is 180 mg once daily. Dose titration will be required in some patients to achieve blood pressure control. A lower starting
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Thus, in scrofulous glands of the neck the prognosis is as a rule good.
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through sickness, and disease, and chronic sufferings.
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a few seconds the glistening whitish capsule, soon, however,
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acetate of lead. Towards the end of May the arm was found in
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fevers is contained, which cannot fail to be of use to the student
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that an inflammatory focus in the pelvis may give rise to embolism ; it
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although the possibility of infection of adults must be admitted,

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