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of health — is found giving evidence by its sufferings of the pre-
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involved, and still more prominent, when the greater part of the
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Philip — who attributes to Prochaska the establishment of the
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does little prejudice to the prospect of such union. If possible
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or causes of the circulation of the blood, — such as those of
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confirm Wasmann's inquiries in the following statement :
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were suggested to him, by actual observation." In the construction
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ly accomplished. Impressed by an apprehension that such an
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ent one, making only six instances in which this operation has
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after, the head became well engaged in the superior strait —
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food in the stomach is the principal symptom, and that abnormal
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profession, will depend." Again. " I need hardly say one word in com-
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of proceeding, or we may say, into an attempt to accomplish that
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as are to be found in the domain of professional literature, may
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the former one — viz.. without cerebral, without ganglionic sys-
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the worst results of such excess. There is another point of
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scarcely admit the edge of a sheet of writing paper.' About a
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Seventh — That the removal is eminently practicable, and demand-
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condition intermediate between the two, and hence, of all possible de-
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sometimes be observed : and, doubtless, it would be seen much
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ganization throughout, and if we simplify the first of these links, it is
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suffered very severely from this disease after his return from the first Arc-
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Mineral Spring, which I analyzed, and which from its contain-
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to vomit at intervals. Ten hours later, with no other symptom
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the compensations of Providence reserve for starving men alone."
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Aug. 30th. 7 o'clock, A. M. Found the patient with a little
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only nourishment administered was bovinine every three hours,
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under his observation, in which there was a fusion of both kidneys, they
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effect of a stimulant on the pulse. Thus: March 17th, 4 P. M.,
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quite small ; frequently it occupies less than a square inch of the
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Defective elimination and failure to burn up the leucomaines

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