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is greatly to be desired. Epidemiological inquiries have to be con-

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violent headache, and was in a delirious or unconscious state

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inflammation : they swell up, become cloudy^ and increase in

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kind originate ab intemS, as in an epidemic constitution, mental

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sufficient because the mycelium penetrates the surrounding tissues,

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locomotor ataxy^ fevers^ Bright^s disease^ and syphilis. Of many

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num," says M. C. "presented a circular opening, through which the heart had

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arm ; and in 1 in the thigh. The source of the echinococci has

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doctrines be duly investigated, as professional opinion both in this country and

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severity much diminished. Much less can be done by the use of medicines."

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an illustration, — did not Palmer's conduct with reference to Cook,

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on Bile, the biliotis Function, and the action of Cholagogues.

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scribed is of so vast an extent as to preclude anything beyond the most

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of the contingencies of poverty and ignorance; they may, however, be met by

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than usual, and at first appeared distended with liquid. It contained about five

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treatment quite as much as is the subject of epilepsy or

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healthy state. {Annales (VHygiene, vol. xxi, p. 149. Memoire sur

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larger dose of tne sulphur. 3. When the remedy is administered

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the arrival of the allied fleets there. Throughout 1855, tho disease existed in

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seldom rises above 88° in summer, or sinks lower than 6° or 8° below zero in

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it wiU bring reUef and, perhaps, the tooth may be saved

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nine" calendar months and 27 days, or 301 days. From the 19th of September

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vagina. Labour-pains usually come on from 24 to 48 hours after the puncture

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condition of the viscera, since although considerable time had elapsed after

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the advantages and disadvantages of administering strychma by the

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though lengthily, are not very clearly described ; but Dr. Wright

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vular defect or a heart muscle degeneration be the cause

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climate which it really does enjoy, is not likely to be without a

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tiva after this fashion; it is therefore of importance to have a test by which we

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liver were not felt. The kidneys could not be felt.

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villages, as well as to Gibraltar, was very gr^t j and the destitution

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front, no deformity is perceptible, but on looking at his back a tumour, as large

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with tubercle bacilli in iniancy or childhood, the germs

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that its practice embraces the whole of ophthalmic surgery;

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success of the present effort, to continue, as they propose doing, the publication

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in health and disease^ as seen by the ophthalmoscope ; it is illus-

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the rest of the blood, and cannot possibly be separated from it. And in many

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corrhoeal retention, and thus this special conformation pre-

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In December last it occurred to me to operate in this manner on two patients.

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experiments was there a trace of arsenic discoverable. The moral proofs

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so far as the data would allow, this desideratum in our professional literature

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congestive pneumonia was found, the patient was, from the nature of his injury

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his military service and will operate the clinic dur-

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