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necessary, as well as the removal of bony lesions. In the largest number
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diagnostic of the disease. In most cases, the pain is at first paroxys-
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established. Sapremia occurs under three conditions: (1) exten-
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antiseptic solution and the person given supportive treatment.
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den snap and severe pain, while a gap forms between the ruptured ends.
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fluids, to the very bottom of the abscess. If the abscess is of large size
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In other cases, it may burrow upward underneath the glutei muscles.
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The temperature rises rapidly to 103, 104, or 105 degrees F. There
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pelvis of the kidney, and, in a few cases, hydro- and pyonephrosis. Crystals
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lowish crusts, often more or less scaly. Clinically it may be differen-
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stage it presents a reticulated, mottled appearance, of a dull yellow color.
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body and appears at another or appears on more than one place simul-
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With a sudden effort at expulsion. Tlie iuiuiIkt of respirations varies from
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of angina pectoris. The heart's action is easily disturbed, and cardiac
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are nearly always the result of obstructions to the circulation. Lesions
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face is often an exciting cause. Bad or insufficient food, or a diet wanting
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usually present as advanced symptoms of mitral regurgitation. Another
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circulation. The right auricle would be dilated, and there would be vis-
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On physical examination a circumscribed tumor is detected, which is
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Ncisscri. Tetrads are cocci grouped in fours, as happens with the micro-
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diarrhoea, or there may be slight jaundice, flashes of heat, and rigors. Fly-
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which renders the breathing somewhat labored, especially during active
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will cause repeated fierce attacks, the patient becomes more and more
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arranged in the following manner : near its centre are one or more large
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in proportion to the increase of force required. This is the cause of those
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is absolute, not even gas passing. It quickly attains great severity.
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While extension is made, the limb is abducted or adducted as required
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A Glioma is a tumor developed from neuroglia and composed chiefly
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The other symptoms observed in connection with emphysema are indirect,
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