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pedunculated form when traction is made with a vulsella.
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In a great number of cases an attack of herpes can be early sub-
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rotation and width of track being retained ; or the movements of
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dency to grow and spread is very marked, and in these the
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surgical interference has been instituted, the diagnosis was either
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its character, lasting sometimes only as long as the causes
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sexes, and from thirty-five to fifty years of age, pre-
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Column 2 gives the phase of respiration in which the exposure is made.
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on the right side with walls much thicker than in the lumbar
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and that of the little finger uppermost. This shortens the right hand
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simply to put a caption " Medical notes " and print lines. On this and follow-
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easily be removed by the patient. It remains antisep-
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than in those in which crops of discrete nodules frequently appear. The
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unable to detect in it any trace of the metal. M. Quevenn^
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of former healed lesions on the knee, and the punched-out, ulcerated
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Moussu and Mantoux'*, however, seems more promising. The
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Flanders.^ The European strains, which have now been isolated from cases on
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and the difficulties of language are generally insuperable.
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me that any good surgeon could think otherwise. Serous
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of the True Pelvis, — Treatment: Surgical Intervention to be
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swallowed, with suicidal intent, about seven fluid-
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