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cerebral acquisitions which he has inherited and culti-
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strength of the arsensic be not over one-fifth or one-sixth
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cramp, telegrapher's, or pianist's, or violinist's, or shoemaker's, or
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Ninth Edition. Engi*avings, 9s. (The Tables separately, 2s. Qd.)
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employed while the worms are in the alimentary canal. Hence, the impor-
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birth, Anesth. & Analg. 34:1-25 (Jan.-Feb.) 1955.
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thousand years. Like the Romish Church, it has sustained itself,
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directly so explain, but it seems probable that the
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angle of that fossa. Fragments of bone were removed up-
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timely, the information contained in it being of the utmost im-
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As a rule, the general features are not so severe as in the other form. The
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Improper feeding and watering doubtless accounts for over
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emergency rooms increased from 18.9% in 1 98 1 to 34.9%
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