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the inflammation, and partly to the opium which has
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lated corneal infections include principally Pseudomonas
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lives for the public health, it should assure them that
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just published, contains the Constitution and By-laws,
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very insufficient grounds. On this f)oint, therefore, I cannot do better than
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amongst every 100 syphilitic persons who died in the Scottish
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tOrHQO • CD (M Oi 05 "^ O t- Ci • <M 05 CO CD • t- • CO ^
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however with the milder forms, where either from increased
coreg cr to metoprolol conversion
lar and may exist in natives without preventing them from carrying
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perior oblique, which passes over the eye-ball. It would
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culation, thus unloading the distended vessels in the
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The President thought there could be no comparison be-
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doses more than 1 50 times the maximum recommended human dose
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slight bnt distinct icteric tinge. The spleen (see Fig. 1) is evenly
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"asciEe or membranes enclosing them : its extent cannot then be so readily de-
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whose paper on the " Dosage of Potassium Iodide " was
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occur in the upper cervical region, death by apnoea follows at once.
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1, 1888) says that the variations in the form of the skeleton which may
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of the sterniun and with a strange deadly sensation besides the
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7th. In Gonorrhea, acute or chronic, Cystogen serves to restrict the
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saline. This is done to preserve the wound from the en-
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some doubt as to the connection of pneumonia with the
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19th. — No hyperplioria, esophoria 5°, abduction 5°.
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may be agreeable, if it does not cause too much pain, but it
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twenlictli day, and M. Guerin has always regretted when he
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from the pharynx during life, failed to show Loeffler bacilli. This case,
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eral or local, that should deter us from venturing on re-
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man of the name of Frost was tried for killing four children at
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is included in this suture, using a very fine curved needle
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presentation. It is used not only in such cases, but also at other
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missile embedded in the center of tlie callus formed at the site of a gunshot
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to milk the cow. The best material for a poultice in cases of
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acknowledging the efficient co-operation of the city
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cus albus from which vaccines were pared and given at intervals of four days
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these harsh drastics, and, therefore, again urge the necessity of atten-
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ionu''*''"t.?®V.?^*^^*^P^*^*l™<''''Sical Society of the United Kingdom,
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from physicians on any subject pertaining to our profession.


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