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incisors. Lower surface of upper incisors is rough, due to prominent points of dentin. Upper
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time. It is pretty generally agreed that an ordinary
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with Ehlers, that the ijroportion of infants afl'ected with prurigo is
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of every observer along the line to cast his mite into
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The transfusion of milk was first successfully accomplished
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mania, dipsomania, and onanism are frequent in diabetic
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abscess the question naturally arises : Would it not be safer, in such cases,
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be denied the right to protect and preserve its purity."
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vene, succeeded again by heat and increase of fever.
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this manner. Should there be any thickened cord ex-
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a word of symj^athy, an exhortation to stand firm, may result in
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strate that in all the foregoing particulars the action of rubi-
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The drawings, and the engraving of the plates are extremely well executed, the
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A gray-coated and flabby tongue, with an oval bare spot in
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ing this oleaginous skin, then the case is as gloomy as it well
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pretty largely in the sub-acute, and particularly where it has
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shown in. the diagram (Fig. 10). The loss of pain sense was somewhat less exten-
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mation received from questioning the patient, by the various sounds of
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extremely well-ventilated, and kept scrupulously clean. The most serious
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of teaching many a child the first principles in dental prophylaxis. The
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and in the difference of the danger from the disease at tiie two periods.
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the chief seat of injury was above the convolutions
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not into the peritoneal cavity. There was, therefore, an incomplete
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and especially on oil of turpentine ; on the oxygenated essential oils
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( )[ the twenty-two cases of systemic blastomycosis reported
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leave much to be desired; and in the present state of our knowledge
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Quarterly Report of the Carey-Street Difperfiry, - - 250
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this time careful skin measurements showed the legs to
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attractive they doubtless were, metaphorically a lake in which to swim,
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most extraordinary example of bold engineering, I desire
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an ingenious experiment has been able to observe directly the passage
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small portions excised from the cervix and even from the
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hypophysis changes which seem to be identical with those described
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is only a feeble irritation.) In the animal narcotized very
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very abruptly, with the phenomena of apoplexy : there are unconscious-
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tions have lately appeared, namely, that of Ricketts of Cincinnati and

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