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A few cases of syphilitic pyelitis have been recorded in which the pelvis

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the destructive focus of pus. A specific instance of this occurred

coversyl side effects 5mg

children had signs of syphilis, two had died in infancy, and one was not

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this insufficiency urobilin is formed and reaches the kidney through

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some loss of ur<»l)ilinogen and urobilin, the comparatively small

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During the first half of 1913 no cases have been reported;

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Oliguria was practically impossible to determine from the patient's

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commonly known so that failure to recognize it can no longer be

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to study anything but the attitude of the limbs. Whether or not the

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but differing from it anatomically and in its functional manifestations.

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be neces.sary before it is possible to say whether the degree of

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approached the well-known picture of Graves' disease.

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The Study of the Gastric Contents. The gastric contents were

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held in check, as in cases of cavity formation and caseation, and in all

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long period. His practice is to give bi-weekly injections beginning with a

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able effect upon the remainder of the gland, and for the moment my

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ply them here. We should not have collected so many, or

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the condition found at operation, and concludes that the rate of flow and

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rose bengal was adsorbed. The reaction of the solution was also of im-

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could the least ulceration be discovered in any part of the

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In support of this view two cases are reported. In the first case the

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pneumonia and lobar pneumonia are neither great nor important.

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* Cohnheim: Volesungen iiber allegemeine Pathologie, Berlin, 1877.

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In cases where there is a mixed or pure infection with the com-

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