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Nothing further is known as to the progress of the case,

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had said that he might go insane and that his cure was

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the application of a fifty per cent formalin solution

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operations that it has to do chiefly with the one dis-

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Charles Marshall, M.D. , a prominent physician of Hunting-

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lished in the Quarterly of the Harvard Medical Ahim-

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left to the patient. With a list of this kind it is

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remuneration so much lower than that given by other

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include all previously published series of iniportance,

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geon R. N. Woodward, chairman; Assistant Surgeon W. C.

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acter of these sciences requires that they shall be

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out a certificate issued by the local health authoi'ities,

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physiological laboratory by reason of this brilliant

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« Contributed to the fourteenth series of Medical and Surgical

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hyaline casts, many triple phosphate crystals (probably

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sided headache. Concussion. — One case of concu.ssion

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ing on the subject for two years, had studied various

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lesions affected the cuneus and the lingual convolu-

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ing the irritability of the stomach, which continued

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to be deprecated, as impairing the integrity of the outer

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Tettenhamer on Eosinophiles. Bv Edward T. Williams,

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'1 am indebted to I>r. William II. Davis for valuable assistance

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slight disturbance of speech but not of intellection.

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purpose of making physical examinations of keepers and surf-

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iliac fossa; worse at night. Some pain in back; head-

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you wait) and the conflicting orders and toners moving

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240 cc. coffee ground material. Free hydrochloric acid

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Program: Dr. Allen Greenwood, "Albuminuric Retinitis";

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action of the drug upon any of the functions of the

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a victim of an outrageous conspiracy, we were guilty of

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spine. The surface was smooth, the consistency firm, the

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The award will be made under the following conditions:

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absence of the large intestine ; that is, the gut may

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publication, subscription or advertising department of this Journal,

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Assistant in the Theory and Practice of Physic, Harvard Medical

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On Jan. 15, 1903, she began to have an indefinite attack

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structed to massage and move the ankles morning and

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the third and fourth ventricles and of the aqueduct

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should be so, for the medical and clerical professions

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turers, of no standing at home, and desirous of tilling


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