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over two hundred times as efficient an antiseptic as acetic acid in other
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Marsh^ speaks of a case where the stump-like ends of the femur and
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acoustic and facial nerves were infiltrated with pus. In some of the scalse of
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Excellent results were obtained in the second class of cases, ^. e., cystitis.
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there were heat and burning and some itching, but recent scratch-marks
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sions had ceased, and the os and cervix were partly dilated. The uterus had
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man ? Or will deny that this has not happened directly as the result
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immense amount of patience, both on the part of the patient and the
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tuberculous infection, it is clear that the longer a case of pulmonary
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emptied, and stitched to the abdominal wall, and a drainage-tube inserted.
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groups. The average case of "shell shock" exhibits tremors, anxious
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On January 10, 1919, it became necessary to do another opera-
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down by pressure on the shoulders, pelvis, or legs without doing anything
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anaesthetic as alone justifiable (where renal disease is present) are the ones in
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terms the politician can understand and the professional philan-
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horizontally on the vertebral column and aorta, is movable in
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certainty to distinguish between the various kinds of affection of
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mild in character, and the patient made little complaint. Gradually,
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however, was well marked, and pronounced syphilitic lesions were present.
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no dementia; normal heart; never had rheumatism, or previously chorea.
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and the percentage of haemoglobin are both reduced."
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that country could afford to give," and we think that the following
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with two inoculated animals, and keeping it there for a week, while others
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does not produce this effect in mankind, while strophanthine, although a
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"In the treatment of empyema at the Greenpoint Hospital we have
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example, the portrait of sycosis originally done by the hand of a Ger-
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regard as a distinct improvement upon any of its class that have yet
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likened to a seed, we discover a number of facts. In soldiers
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ulcer for five or six days, after which any indifferent treatment may be em-
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down." The latter measure is apt to tear the bowel, or, at least, to bare it of
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practical, of Dr. Brunton's painstaking researches, and it must be accepted
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does not exclude pulmonary tuberculosis. I recall a woman of
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so, that it is becoming a great problem with the funds.
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small granulation tumor was detected in the glottis and removed with the
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some of solution, or by the use of general terms for the designation
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Maxillary joints, most severe on the right side. Headaches and
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2 of these were right and 2 left hemichorea. With the exception of

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