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vals, since the nourishment of their own bodies takes
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against the sinner, but in patience render him kindness.,, — Stein's
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from which it may have extended westward to Bonadoo by the course of the
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effusion of serous fluid beneath the arachnoid and in the meshes of
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he has pleasurably accompanied. The avenue opens out into a
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growth is concerned. The application of stronger agents, caustics
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on account of the success wnich attended the remedial mea-
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hold its annual meeting on Monday, September 12, at
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III. A brook was examined at its source, where the water
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of two or three ordinary octavos has been compressed into the space of one not unhandy
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and 3 feet deep, capacity 264 cubic feet, and hold nearly
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batting and fine charcoal placed in a keg to half fill it only,
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marriage, etc., and then passed on to criticise foeticide
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liver is rarely altered. Acute nephritis is sometimes present, and the
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^TJTeBteris. IDepot, "Cr. S. ..^ , 2J7 "V\7". I^iftl^L St., ISZaansas City-jD^tfo*
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Mialhe supposes that the precipitate is then dissolved by the agency of
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the other cases. Mentally, he was distinctly emotional, but otherwise
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I specially call your attention, Oentlemen, to the details of this
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days. Hence, children should be taught to urinate the last thing before going to bed at night, and
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Table of Ratios of Hearts and Persons in 194 cases, viz. lOS males, and S6
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In February last the Academic de ]Medicine appointed a commission, con-
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ventive medicine during the last hundred years, it will be im-
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variety of discussion narrative, argumentative, con-
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toward acidosis, and second, for guiding the treatment by the metabolic
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in others, again, the rotation is obtained by means
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ConTDON L. FOIIl), N.D., Profeawr of Anatomy and Vhr

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