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amputated. Ten days afterwards tetanus set in. Gray ordered chloroform inhala-

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standards. When the volume of precipitate in the bot-

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Council have recommended. A great unwieldy establishment,

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Pigment may be of little or no importance, or it may be of the greatest

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eight years old fell, having a pair of scissors in his hand, and, in

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too favorable a showing. Of upwards of one hundred cases re-

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place several drops of mercury in the cup under the

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it exactly as he directs. If you then find that his teachings are

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His pupils were unequal, irregular, and reacted sluggishly to

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measles. Breathing time is allowed the physician in which to plan and

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animal which has been specially immunised against living virus possesses

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bine the 20 ml of glycerol and gelatine solution while the latter

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by the nominating committee of the society, and be appointed by

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(3) Dilute working standard protein solutions. Working

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after a mild attack, and complete recovery may be delayed for several

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all. " One can easily imagine," says Hilton Fagge, " that the poison of

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place subcutaneously, intraperitoneally, or intravenously, etc. Instead

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left border was 2 cm. to the left of the nipple line. The sounds

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Example: The plasma tested was lighter than 1.028 and heavier

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lae or for S. typhi. The dehydrated tetrathionate broth base

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difficulty. Malaria rarely resists quinine. The resemblance of cases of

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brought under observation early. Moreover, the patient may occasionally

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Zenker's solution with other autopsy material, to the Armed

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or more varieties of pyococci. It may grow into a boil, the latter into a carbuncle,

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in the serum are titrated. If the titer is satisfactory, the

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ing for evidence of pinworm infection, ordinary fecal examination

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are commensals. A few are pathogenic, causing such severe

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from cat to cat. The identity of the two diseases is accepted by some

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cally, but will grow poorly under anaerobic conditions.

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is usually moderate and remittent in type, increasing and abating as the

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u Schoenheimer and Sperry. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 106, 745 (1939), Modified by

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is the number of volumes to which the spinal fluid was diluted

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this is the fact that amyloid has never been observed in the blood. It is un-

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Nov. 8. General Meeting, 7.30 p. m., coffee at 7 p. m.

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