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the cornea affects the vision unfavorably. There are several varieties

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half-hour's duration each will only decompose 394 grams of fat, and

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Alveolar Abscess or Gum Boil — This is a common affection, and

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affect the result according- to its good or bad quality

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in which the fibrous tissues have been weakened and rendered irri-

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ing these professional complications. Dr. Smith was

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advisable for a diabetic with marked glycosuria to take up his abode

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wise enfeebled. The neck and back are the favorite locations for

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centers and the numerous nerve fibers by which they are connected.

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The joint troubles referred to represent four different ailments as

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obesity of plethoric character, in disturbances of the portal system, and

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liquor are often so bereft of judgment as to lie down in the snow or

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As regards the kind of exercise, walking and hill-climbing are the

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ing the patient. The future may remedy the difficulty and produce

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jured tissues. I have seen this illustrated by the occurrence of ex-

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face. Beauty lias been defined by a recent writer as intelligent ex-

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water are thus very far reaching, and are such as will react to many physio-

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clastic, and less liable to fracture when one falls upon the shoulder.

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from the\cat and other animals. It is characterized by dirty looking,

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y any cause becomes much more serious in a case of unilateral kidney than

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separates, a process requiring about a week, then apply vaseline

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headache, pain, dullness or a sense of fullness upon the right side,

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on through life, with but few reminders of their predisposition ; while

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of tissue, as muscle, fat, cartilage, bone or blood. They may invade

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due to an internal cause, being dependent upon a high i)ercentage of

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hone situated back of the shoulder. It is held in position by large

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lial flakes, apparently dry, but always oily. Moist seborrhea of the

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diabetes in a third, and so on tlirougli the list of nutritional dis-

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pigments, and low percentage of uric acid — probably the most impor-

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Favorable hygienic surroundings and correct habits of living

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necessary to recognize the existence of the arthritic diathesis, and to

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the conjunctiva in the neighborhood of the insertion of the ocular

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