Why Give Valium For Vertigo

apply equal parts of creosote and olive oil, or a solution of
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which may most beneficially effect them, would' requi
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why give valium for vertigo
along the urethral canal. Clinical experience, however,
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15 abril.] [W m .] [See Mendonca, Arthur; Meira, Rubiao; & da Roeha,
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contained miliary granulations which presented the gross and
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The autopsy took place six hours after death. The nerA'ous
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Professor Stirling says, that " there is a constant reflex influence maintained
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in a room. It is better than stoves, or un ventilated steam or
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grene of the lung. It is in such cases that a portion of separated
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lobe was partly adherent to the dura over the orbital plate of
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I would call attention to the large doses of strych-
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means of a spirit lamp this fluid is heated to ebullition. More acetic acid is
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In the great majority of the instances, however, in. which gas bubbles
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irritating, can be inhaled and absorbed, producing,
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Extract of Barhacloes Aloes, L. — Prepared as extract of
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manufactories, lumber camps, etc., will come under the general ad-
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should also apply to animals smuggled across the boundary and after-
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was something combining hygiene with some other subject."
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this institution. He is the recipient of a 2-year Wyeth
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and the resultant septic decomposition, should to-day be con-
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In February last the Academic de ]Medicine appointed a commission, con-
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by far the greatest tendency to recurrence is during the first eighteen
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sure, although occasionally there will be associated with

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