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Beavan, whom I met by accident in the street, and who was
does valium need a prescription
will shorten its duration in this class of cases. I have over-
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tion extended, of an European or white Creole inhabitant
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tumor can be made out, the disease can be diagnosed from the existence of haema-
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To these more general causes may be added certain congenital dis-
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annual or periodic meetings at Washington. The business of the
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again into its place, it is observed that the epidermal strip is too
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bladder was free from peritoneum for an inch above where
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munications presenting some of the results of his observations.
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laid its ravaging touch everywhere. The countryman has been
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discolored by blood. Here the description differed from Moller's
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medical treatment. This latter includes the application of electricity
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out penetrating the peritoneum, (lining membrane of the abdom-
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[Abstract of 1893 a, by W. Kruse] <Hvg. Rundschau, Berl.,v. 4 (4), 15. Feb.,
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these were cases of incipient phthisis with apparent
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control, if not cure, of those which have passed beyond the initial
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which the disease has been produced by inoculation.
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should be kept hot continuously for from twenty-four to
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a-half months thereafter. By E. D. Cone, M.D., Hillsdale, Mich.
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Haemorrhoidesdiftiuguuntur i . in apertas et claufas 5
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the English tongue, and that it is full of life and vigor, fully
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diseases, less by medicine than by regimen, and their

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