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and procedure. The events of the Crimean war helped in a
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medical department until it numbers to-day about five thousand volumes.
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The second case, given me so courteously by Dr. Tauber, is
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for. In other cases it is distended; but the distinguishing
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In a memoir published in 1784, Prochaska described a con-
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Heart Clot : Recovery," was the subject of remarks made by
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Twenty-fifth day : A well-marked desquamation has begun.
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tle a motion as if he was sorting a hand of cards at whist,
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80 per cent, of consumptive patients suffer from it. In
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on account of tenderness. The pain and tenderness gradually
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year in High School, in every school in the land, a
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less extent. The increase in lymphocytes, moreover, tended to be
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previous acute urethritis, and the fact that as a rule only one
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self one afternoon, on condition of her being sent home at once, before she
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In the latter part of his paper. Dr. Goodhart makes an ingenious suggestion
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Shaw, T. B. Some observations on primary venereal sores. Jour. Roy. Naval
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pervaded by the hypothetical doctrine propounded by
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while the animals were under the influence of ether-chloro-
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This is indeed an encouraging case. Hero was no slight or
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direction of the wound could or could not correspond to it m any position.
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start, in a modest way, the laboratory work for the North Carolina State
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gaged in the business and the retail stores number 12,000, the dail}
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of very line powder, in very small quantities, either simply powdered, or mixed
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impression that I was giving a colon douche and have found on
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measure, upon its novelty. Subsequently, when the ex-
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of the severe immediate reactions so often developing after
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smaller than the short diphtheria bacillus, and often curved in form. It
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Resources and History of the Island, Embracing an Account of
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which do not differ in appearance from ordinary. cirrhosis. It is
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mg laborious, suffocative, and performed with a kind of hissing noise ;
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blanket folded and laid upon the sacking-bottom of the bedstead,
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ently unknown to a large number, namely, that persistent
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of flatulency, because of its power to relieve obstruc-
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must be employed. It will be sufficient here to mention that, in acute
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172-202, with discussion pp. 258-61, and additional texts pp. 409-


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