Duricef For Sinus Infection

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tees — legislation, Dr. F. Park Lewis; public health. Dr.

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crystalline digitaline of Nativelle offered no reliably

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It must be borne in mind that a hysteria may not only mask a

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chronic, hard drinkers, as well as in moderate drink-

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years. They all felt relieved, at least temporarily,

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And they also have made — respectively — two, three,

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and in the foregoing statements. To these, however, may

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cervical or inguinal adenitis, and persistently re-

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number of the stones takes place during this stage,

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son than ni the increase, and yet much greater if they hap-

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eases which in no way could be attributed to the oil.

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ity, there is a greater tendency for the process to

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exercised at the various stations is continued, all Russian

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was seen in chronic alcoholic dementia, but they be-

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ter of deferred operation in extrauterine pregn incy

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also is closely related, is placed nearer the Bacillus

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upper end and almost completely filled with the tumor

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appear here and there, but quantities sufficient to

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Fractttres and Their Treatment. By J. Hogarth Pringle,

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of heat externally, the inversion of the patient, and

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ulcerated, because ozone cannot penetrate epitheli-

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the reaction was a peculiar feeling of buoyancy and

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joritv of the cases occurring between the fortieth and

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secretary. Dr. P.. S. Bickelhaupt; corresponding secretary.

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population, as compared with a rate of 13.7 for the pre-

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animal existence : and from the purest blood, only ;

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found in the gallbladder or bileducts, but they were

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30. Comparative Merits of ^ledical and Surgical Treat-

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by continuous and unremitting superdigestion, arti-

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Plague in Hawaii. — The last case of human plague

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