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fined to the delusions that he was a great inventor, the discoverer of a
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long, composed of muscular, areolar, and mucous coats. Its mus-
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Contraindications. — Acute military tuberculosis, in which both
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tube of decalcified bone seems to rest on too slight a basis.
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dry tongue. Her chest showed areas of dulnes, but no rales.
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to say, there have never been noted any after effects.
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in a Lee's steam-draft inhaler, or bronchitis kettle:
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loop of gut into an abdominal wound and, after plastic exudation
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The average number of days spent in hospital, or, in the case of patients
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content of the air expelled from an individual's lungs — the basis of
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one engravings and seventeen full-page plates in color and monochrome.
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without pain, hemorrhage, fever, or vomiting. Post-mortem examination
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may still be incompatible. The percentage of these latter cases cannot at
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sity or choice go far south and meet with unusually bad weather. Gen-
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tissue and thus form a barrier to the absorption of putrid material ;"
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chronic myelitis, one of traumatic neurosis, and three of paralysis agitans
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(c) Intussusception. We can prove in fifty per cent, of cases the
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in existence about nine months. X-ray examination was negative.
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of lesser rank, for the privates in the form of technicians. For
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passed the menopause 8 years previously. Prior report of this case
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for then the two bodies passed through the pelvis parallel to each other,
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weighing of all the points in favor of staying at home under
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there is no reason why he should be content to practice hygiene, ad-
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detritus from the wound, as a mild form of septicaemia, or whether it be
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foci due to other causes, may give rise to the same tactile impressions as small
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adnexa, even if the symptoms are not urgent, in order to arrest the
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true, and the treatment of these children as the result of such
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Gottstein (Arch, of Otol., vol. xvi.) removed from a girl of eight years a
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from immediate danger as many surgeons have claimed. — Ed.]
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are going to get well. The ulcer is only one feature of their pathological
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chronic spasm and irritability of the sphincter which result in
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informed me that, with the assistance of the artificial membrane, sounds
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form, may be use'd. The frequent occurrence of glycosuria, perhaps
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circulation and leading to more or less congestion. The con-
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Strictures of the Appendix. Dr. Abbe showed several speci-

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