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of a deep black pigment were visible. A careful examination showed
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pin s head and there was a marked brilliancy about the eye. The
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This case suggested to the writer the necessity of bearing in mind
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obtained when inoculation is made by loop. In the case of B. chauvcei
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from standing on hot reeking manure irritation of the
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Menstruation occurred on the third day. On the fourth day
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Obermeier in of spirochsetee in the blood of patients suffering
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ter but while he thiuks that they do not suggest the inference
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Rounded circumscribed tumors consisting of smooth muscle fibers and
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opinions of Mr. White the force of which we cannot perceive
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It is conjectured though not aftirmed that the disease was contracted
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is therein digested and the parasite being thus set free penetrates the
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to take place. We have found Ledingham and Dean that the
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twelve days. Convalescence is usually rapid. Infectivity lasts from the
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dia osis between hypo mania and the expansive stage of paresis
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theory for if that were correct the pain should greatly increase
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in the application of the descending galvanic current
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The correspondent of the Lancet describes the occasion as follows
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them obliged me however to relinquish effort in this direction and I
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sults and he states that the patients bear the mercury
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or some other form. The first question is one that is not always
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Similarly the relationship of rainfall to the occurrence of the
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eruption. The other remained here treated him and he got
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tion sanitary condition of the hospital Nor in the absence of
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Unusual Conditions May Affect the Quantity of Poison in

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