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and has farther received numerous additions from the editor. It is thus greatly increased in size,

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sufficiently serious to make methodical treatment necessary.

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culties are more insuperable in some individuals than in others, altogether

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" her blood, fomething which fhe did not fee ; does

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found to agi'ee best with the taste and stomach, when their

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fingers. She was advised to go into the ward, but she refused and was

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and what they always insist upon, isolation means the

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It is difficult to speak with certainty of the results of changes in the aorta.

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the importance of caution in interpreting the presence of gas in these situa-

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olfactory striae. The fibers of the nerve seem to have passed

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by using bone plates. The case was one of carcinomatous ob-

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and a quantity of fluid escaped. This relieved pressure somewhat

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weight, and the digestive powers of the infant. For the average

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the animal. More powerful serum still is obtained when the sheep ar&

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them as large as a hen's egg, connected with one another, and

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thread, or string, so tiresome to surgeons, as simply tucking the end under the

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M. Brown-S^quard, stating that in all the autopsies he had made,

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head with cold water (did not pour it on, but wet it in a spong-

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the defenceless little creature, which nestles as shrinkingly within

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again. In order that I may not appear inconsistent, let me here

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year, to the examination demon which threatens to become by far the most

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ing the latter around its axis, held in a horizontal position,

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and the neuroglia is stained very faintly or not at all. The

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the non- medical portion of the committee withdrew) and

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Pirquet, negative. Trine: specific gravity, 1028; albumin and sugar,

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ritious substance, lying upon the cribriform plate of the

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found to be a useful substitute for the balsam of copaiba and the liquid turpen-

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The President briefly addressed the meeting. He returned

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declared the disease to be associated with pleuro-pneumonia.

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Heart, irritable, study of incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in soldiers

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is the variation in its virulence when tested upon animals. All who have

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degeneration, the course of the disease may be very chronic,

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■oooeMfal with it if Mr. Ballance had not been present at

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A. In the atrophic form, when the prepuce is stretched over the glans,

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he having been previously discharaed, upon tender of resignation, by

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