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The familiar warning, “Don’t eat meat because you

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3. Control of focal infection (teeth, gums, throat,

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swollen. There was no limitation of motion at the knee.

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Has your plant had an industrial hygiene survey in the past two years? Yes( ) No( )

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ing advancements of the improved types of aircraft.

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The Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania to meet with

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Mercer, Pa., midway between Pittsburgh and Erie. Farm

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Thus, our stockpile of quinine and other alkaloids of

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At 3 a. m., two days following admission, the patient

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of sulfanilamide, sulfathiazole, and sulfadiazine upon

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dress and appearance are indicative of a high moral standard.

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cluded monologues in Pennsylvania German dialect by

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the college with which he is connected. Plates have been intro-

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lems of low back pain, or may become so, should have

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unselfish service of this quiet, graceful gentleman. If

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nity. Adequate facilities mean sufficient clinics that

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