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ease with limbs at all sorts of angles, showing that no care had been
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recent. The antagonistic muscles after a time undergo atrophy, and
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tered as intestinal antiseptics and intestinal irrigation was
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ability to bear pressure, and pain and heat increased on vomiting, we
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and had difficulty in expressing himself. It was hard
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that a sudden and copious bleeding from the nose often took place when
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disinfectant and alterative fluids, have been used ;
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made only by isolation of the microbe from the blood-stream,
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This characteristic is symbolized by what is known in
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examined, but having investigated more than two hundred of them in as
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who have dilation of the heart, effusions into the thorax, or
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dency to run a peculiar course, and has a certain rang i
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all the paint in the room, as well as the furniture should be very carefully
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uterus, and such as reflex pelvic jiains, leucorrhoea, dis-
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three generations, and no case of tuberculosis had ever been
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ports twenty-five examinations of sweet spirit of nitre bought
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skin. Even when strong acids or the actual cautery have been used to destroy
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tions were imperfect. The large amount of ammonia found
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the slightest sensory disturbance provoked bring about a cure. With severe pains or
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circumstances, could be imagined, or possibly had been con-
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trouble, who experienced no relief from tonics, local
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the table, return to the patient, and tell him that you
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cal observations of Saft and Baumm show that the results
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slower and slower, until it finally ceases altogether.
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untU he came into Hospital, at which time he was discharging
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Aporti (F.) La sieroterapia artificiale nella febbre
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carry away all foul secretions, and to purify the patient's body by abundance
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The very slight reference made in systematic Works profes-
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standard of care in these cases is to handle the patient


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