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elected: Dr. Edward D. Dwight, Smyrna, president; Drs.
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the abdomen, extending upwards to the left kidney, a pain
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procreation. Mr. Curling has pointed out that various causes may render a
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the most satisfactory form of administering this important element
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sis," and caused by a unilateral degeneration of the
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legs began to swell. The quantity of urine decreased after that.
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and anatomy, and may well be considered the starting point
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lioresal 10 mg (baclofen) laboratorio novartis
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and eversion were overcome ; tlie limb remaining with-
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sidered, on the whole, as a very good and learned treatise, written
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tion after fatigue, or forms a more grateful repast. It contrib-
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they considered undoubted examples of gangi-ene, 69 of which occurred in
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may in rare instances form a horn, which may attain to a considerable
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that the various methods of preventive treatment mainly
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To sum up, then, I would say that the treatment of the cough
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some number, there exists no reason why they should not be collected and
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left bronchus. It is well known that for anatomical reasons the right.
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a large disc on the hmder border of which hes the a^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^.^^^
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the skin which is moved by the muscles receiving motor fila-
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the blood-pressure tends to fall unusually low in this disease. My
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Where I practice a well costs anywhere from $100 to $500, and it takes
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Many patients have been under his care every year since the cult be-
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draughts, the patient fell into a quiet sleep, which continued for several
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geal inflammation, the appearances are less marked, consisting of an in-
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are not infrequently found ; the invaginated portion is restored withoat
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1966-1967. Hence, one must recognize that the criteria for
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ing upon certain subjects. Fig. 3 illustrates some of
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to inflammation of that membrane. In the second case, the operation
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cases of chronic interstitial nephritis, then, may have their origin in unde-
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U into tli. pharynx, after passing under the soft palate. Its
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cellular tissue. It is then pushed forwards under the skin, and
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I)cnsation of any kind a woman in normal practice of obstetrics by the medical pro-
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ing: "The fact has been proven that tuberculosis can
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But the modern tendency is to regard acute rheumatism also as the
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transverse section of a normal spinal cord, the other the sec-
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with difficulties, but it is of great importance, because tubercular meningitis
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Indies, we have the severe remittent fevers, with hardly a
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succumbed, whereas the remaining two had reached the age
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around the city, arranged for by the Local Committee.
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mother was awakened by this cliild crying; after nursing, it quietly went
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Goltz bases his views. Yet, when properly considered,
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trouble to read our biography of Prof. Hod- ; court office or positiort; (18) that he would

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