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On making sections of the organ, the cut surface was found
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passes away. Decomposition sets in rapidly and often interferes with
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connexion with the introdnctlon of sulphnric ether as an aniestbetio
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that prolonged exposure of the peritona3um is not a matter of
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an improvement on the previous method of stitching up the tear
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of hemorrhage and he passed urine voluntarily, which was free
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from a healthy structure, certamly no aegeneration ; but there appeared to be
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rarely met with either in practice or text-book, but it has a special
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Saper read so soon after the paper of Dr. Cameron, which, with all respect to
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INDERAL IS contraindicated in- 1) bronchial asthma: 2) allergic rhinitis during the pollen sea-
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tion add to our stock of knowledge concerning it, or throw light
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this symptom upon the pressure alone, is furnished in the human
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the Association by extending its scope, making the meetings inviting
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albumen in the corpuscles, consequently the amount of water is decreased.
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the hospital. The average length of time that the catheter
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and is the only hiftory of the Sibhens that has yet
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thirty-three, and fifty years. According to M. Deneux all the extra-uterine
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bustion ; and this appearance often gives to the burn, at the first
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beneficial and tonic influence. As I have said, the stimulus of
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partment of Science, Literature, and the Arts — of Medicine
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split the roller that is already on the leg down the middle, open the ends out,
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(d) Meteorological Influences. While there seems but little doubt that
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Indian surgeons found they had as good success without, as
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landlords would compete with each other in offering
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at Naples, Italy. May 6, 1899. Upon being relieved from duty
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Florence — How did you enjoy Prof. Thompson's lecture?

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