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than those of men, and not so well compacted ; their bigness.

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lohannem Baptiftam de Helmont , &metandera, mininum Apofto-

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from three to six days ; the urine was examined after intervals of from two

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repeat the application. ]?ive or six days after the second applica-

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(h) Investigations and reports of official bodies such as:

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the discharge had been pretty continuous and fetid.

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fect resemblance in all its external and sensible characters to the clay found be-

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far as he was aware, cut ice in the immediate vicinity

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mcidence of some diseases and the epidemic occurrence of others.

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it was thought that, possibly, they were due to malignant small-pox, in favour

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figures speak more authoritatively than those gathered from general histories

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Mr. L. Fernald, assistant in Gray Herbarium, who kindly exam-

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account, but also the mode of life, and the influence of surroundings on

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tional and organic disease. The girl, jet. 14, had been seized with

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therefore of consequence to avoid all debilitating treatment,

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tremor. Tliis case is tliirty-six years of age, and as

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ligament, lie believes the curette is resorted to too

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Chronic Bronchitis, and other affections of the respiratory organs, and is

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life and health and compel landlords to have a proper sys-

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marked by the actions of the horse. But this was only of short

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kindly responded to my telephonic appeal for aid. and

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and stands and walks like a decrepit old man. He has

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grenous state through its whole extent. About half an inch above

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about it, how perfectly delighted they are with it, and if they are going

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From cerebro-spinal meningitis New York 10. Boston and

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obtained. The ethereal solution of the amino alkaloid left a crystal-

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teristic Philadelphia chromosome. In the Philadelphia chro-

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body of public spirited citizens, the Rotary Club of that city taking

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who suffered with closure of the right choana, which was ap-

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nately, his method is not delicate enough to permit a

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