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temperature below 60 deg. is unfavourable to its progress. These pro-
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fits ; (/') the kmd of fits ; (c) the weight ; {d) the morning and evening
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Dr. Chadwick : I feel that the meeting is with me, and I accept the
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ferior importance as compared with anatomy, and to consider it as
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months ago. It spread rather rapidly over the lower limbs, hands,
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day preceding the Examination-day. 12. On the production of the
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such a volume it would be the interest and the desire of the leading
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greater success of systems which differ from our own any great reason
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S. O'Grady; Mr. J. Morgan ; Dr. Benjamin F. McDowell. Consulting
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majorities; and probably the adoption of Mr. Hare's plan, or of some
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The compulsory subjects of examination embraced reading, dictation,
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equally disposed on each side of the median iine of the body than they
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lives as possible. Histoiy has never known such carnage as the pre-
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of wide application to each and every department of medicine ; nor is
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then began to have severe ]5am in the abdomen, and the abdommal
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the ham, extending half-way up the thigh. A year ago, a tumour
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resorts at that season. The same objection applies still more strongly
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twenty thousand sick and wounded in the fortress — a number which
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glandifoiTn bodies — minute spherical capsules — enclosed in a net of
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peculiarities, differing in important points from those he had met with
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A few trials of it in doses of 5 to 20 grains appear to indicate that it
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The late Mr. W. J. Clement, M.P.— A correspondent writes as follows respect-
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mediaeval and antiquated fashion of combining the clerical and the
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ing these two towns with the town of Arundel and a host of country
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the regular army, then the necessary organisation for the purpose exists.
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law of the conservation of energy. This law, which is of immense im-
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method of teaching the various subjects in the school were noticed.
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Bridges; and Mr. .'\pplegarth. Mr. W. Fowler, M. P. , was invited to
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lege of Surgeons in January. I may mention that this was the first
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above case. Dr. Davis observed that it was an illustration of puerperal
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syphilis of parents ; and that tubercle or rickets may proceed from the
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1S69, this report was adopted ; and in order to promote the object of
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year always corresponds with or immediately follows the lowest depres-
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Sewage which had been prepared for the Committee of the Associa-
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names of vital forcSy vital pinuer, force of organisatw7i^ architectonic prin-
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the purpose of supplying oxygen to the blood, because, in his opinion,
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Having considered the arguments of the vitalists against the physical
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On admission, April 2nd, her face was very pale and puffy ; there
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Comparative Anatomy. — Certificates of Honour are given for superior
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sor Lister, so far as he then could see, was ready even to resign the office
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We shall commence at the earliest possible date the publication of the
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thesis has been felt by many who are best entitled to speak upon the
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Chairman of the P.athological and Clinical Section."
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ley. All the phenomena characteristic of life — viz., nutrition, growth,

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